Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A Sandbox Solution,what is and what is not

We all know the limitations of a sandbox solution in SharePoint. A sandbox solution is deployed to a particular site collection's solution gallery rather than to farms's solution gallery as in case of Farm solution. There are also some more limitation in the sandbox solution.

Here I am going to list some of major  limitations:-

1) You can not use any SharePoint control in sandbox solution.e.g spgrid, sharepoint datetime control, people picker etc. You have to rely on the asp.net controls.

2) You do not have access to the layouts folder.

3) You can not use Visual web parts in this rather you can use Visual Studio 2010 SharePoint Power Tools to use visual web parts in sandbox solution.

3) You can not use run with elevated privileges function to override current user's privileges.

4) You can use asp.net file upload control to upload files to SharePoint document library rather you can use silver light client context to upload files.

5) To debug the code you have to attach to the process SPUCWoker process and not to the w3p process as in farm solution.

6) You cannot use SPUtility.SendEmail method to send emails in sandbox solutions

To send email you can follow this useful link

There is SharePoint User Code service that is responsible for the sandbox solution executions.
A sandboxed solution is also not allowed to access anything outside the site collection to which it is deployed. An implication of this is that Features deployed in sandboxed solutions can only be scoped to a site collection or website

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